Transformation through ART


“So how has the pandemic treated you? Did you make it out alive?”

Self expression of TRANSFORMATION


Well, I didn’t.

But I had to survive.

While attempting to shed victim status, I found art as an outlet.

But it failed to address my emotional issues.

I had to seek help outside of myself.

The hardest part was to admit I needed help to become a survivor.

The transformation through art was awakening and life changing.

This life change brought me to being a Spiritual Life Coach. My aha moment; discovering what I was running from was what I was supposed to be racing towards.

Through art therapy, you can learn what holds you back. Together, we can identify the negative and positive triggers that create your mindset.

Empowering you with a new mindset of expectations and beliefs.

When you realize you have options, you learn to create opportunities for your own happiness and success.